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DARKTRACE – Inmune System for Enterprises


"The Darktrace Enterprise Immune System gives us the guarantee and peace of mind that we are well equipped to defend ourselves against new and sophisticated attacks that are"

Dane Sanderson, Global Security Director, Trek

Darktrace is the fastest security system to prevent any damage by unknown attacks

"Darktrace is revolutionary, the game has changed because now we have a reference of how our users, devices and networks operate and how they change over time together with our business"

Louis Kangurs, gerente de redes de TI, Virgin Trains

Room33 uses the world's leading technology called Immune System for Cyber Security in companies and institutions. Our Technology Partner Darktrace has was nominated as the best Security company of the year 2016. Darktrace identifies new attacks on computer networks in real time, allowing you to protect your system in real time.

Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System

The Enterprise Immune System detects the internal and external attacks that by the multiple variants that they adopt are difficult to predict by organizations. Darktrace uses techniques based on the principles of the human body's immune system to identify cyber threats regardless of their origin. This unique functionality is managed by the intelligence platform that creates mathematical models advanced and predictive models that design the evolutionary pattern of each user, team and network. On this basis, Darktrace detects in real time the deviations that indicate ongoing threats and is anticipated to the development of APTs and internal attacks.

Room33 R&D&I department has experience in technological innovation projects at the national and international levels, including within the framework of public programs such as MITYC's Avanza Plan. Room33 is a company fully consolidated in the area of mobile solutions. He has a lot of experience in this area and the company enjoys an organizational structure capable of to react quickly and effectively to the needs of the client, always offering a complete service and with guarantees.


In Cylance we create software that predicts, then blocks, endpoint and real-time cyberattacks using pre-execution algorithms based on artificial intelligence.

CylancePROTECT® takes advantage of the power of machines, not humans, to dissect the DNA of the malware. Artificial Intelligence then decides whether it is safe to execute the code or not.

  • Leader in Quadrante Visionario.
  • Cylance is one of the fastest growing companies in the history of Cyber Security.
  • The Cylance product does not require an internet connection, it does not rely on signatures and focuses on protecting against both known and unknown malware.
Protected Media - Fraud Prevention in Online Advertising
Get the actual return on the advertising traffic you pay for
  • The most advanced technology in Cybersecurity to protect your ads online.
  • Make real data decisions.
  • Discover fraud in real time.
  • Stop paying for fake traffic and invest your time and money in Royal Hearings.

The explosion of online advertising has led to the emergence of fraudulent agents who manipulate traffic by nullifying its effectiveness for advertisers, in return for huge profits. The estimated levels of fraud in advertising traffic reach 36% of total traffic.

Calculate the percentage of your advertising budget and your lost revenue from traffic fraudulent. Protected Media is the technological solution that fights against this fraud, ensuring that your traffic comes from real users with real clicks and real downloads.


We offer you the best Cybersecurity tool to protect your campaigns. Our layers of cybersecurity are easy to deploy and assure you that all your ads - display, mobile or video- are visible, are located correctly and are seen by real people. At the moment in the one that detected any fraudulent action alerts you immediately.

  • Protected Media is the simple solution to eliminate the fraud of your traffic.
  • Multi-layer technology that integrates easily into your systems.
What factors can we protect your campaign against?

NO HUMAN TRAFFIC : That is, robotic software that mimics human behavior, hacking computers from real users and hiding with their identity. The best can move mouse cursors over ads, add products to purchase and visit specific websites to generate lucrative cookies, continually being re-plated.

Identifying robots is a specialty of Protected Media. We develop real-time tests that accurately discover whether the user is human or a machine.

Detect Ad Visibility : We can report if your ads are visible. Would surprise you know how many ads are not even visible to users. The fraudsters hide ads below others on the same page or give you a 1-pixel slot, or place it in the margins of the screen. Protected Media can determine exactly how your ad is presented and give you the data of your actual impressions.

Brand Protection: Your ads can sometimes be redirected to websites other than the ones configured. These sites may promote illegal activities or display content for adults who can damage your brand reputation. Protected Media uses advanced mechanisms to know where your ad is headed and whether the site can damage your brand.


Our solution is based on a multi-layer ad protection technology that can detect in a second if your ad is being viewed by humans or not. Our protection layers include:

  • Advanced Machine Interrogation
  • Robot trace detection
  • Smart Reputation Rating
  • Cybercrime Cloak Investigation
  • Collaboration with the Security Alliance

A human who sees your ad will not detect anything, but even the most sophisticated robot will not be able to hide.

  1. 1. If your campaigns are managed through multiple intermediaries
  2. 2. If any agent in your sector may have an interest in increasing your traffic
  3. 3. If you think your conversion levels should be higher

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