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The organizational structure of Room33 has its own department dedicated exclusively to the realization of R&D&i. This department undertakes the objectives technological innovation, which allows us to be at the forefront of new solutions of excellence.

Our R&D team has experience in technological innovation projects at national level and internationally, actively participating in the framework of public programs such as the MITYC.


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About Our R&D+i Department

Room33 offers tailored services, designed and implemented in close communications with the client, ensuring the quality of service and successfully facing the demands of each project and the specifics of each situation. Room33 operations incorporate the most advanced ICT technology for implementing their projects. These operations are based on process engineering and on the use of standard methodologies of development and execution. Room33 provides added value to its activities in all phases of a project.

Room33 has, inside its organizational structure, a department devoted exclusively to the performance of R&D+i. This department can face, with strong guarantees, the targets set in terms of technological innovation. With a large experience in the execution and management of big and complex R&D projects funded by the Spanish National Government, Room33 counts with a broad network of alliances with national Research Centers that allows the combining of high level researches with a market focus.

Room33 counts with several years of experience in pilot projecting and service design. During these years the company has developed an expert knowledge in network communication structures due to the fact that numerous projects have been developed in close (electronic) collaboration with national (and also international) interdisciplinary teams.

Room33 has a solid reputation in the international market by developing successful projects for and in cooperation with leading companies such as Optus, Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, Proctor & Gamble, Community of Madrid, Indra, Siemens, Telecinco, TIM we, Tanla Mobile , Jet Multimedia and Heineken, among others. One of the cornerstones of business success is its commitment for research, development and technological innovation, which translates into more value-added products and services, as well as consolidation in the enterprise market.

Room33 has a department devoted exclusively to develop R&D+ i activities, so the company can cope with strong guarantees the targets set in terms of technological innovation. In this innovative context, cooperation is established as another key factor in business competitiveness. Aware of this fact, ROOM33 has established relationships and partnerships with various entities, favouring the emergence of synergies in the areas of knowledge and experience. These partnerships include: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, INDRA, Benq Siemens MobileSiemens, Ericsson, Bamboo, By-Cycle, Naranya, Ogangi Mobile Media and IBM.

The project aims to optimize the sending of messages to mobile devices that are the subject of alert warnings. "Bottlenecks" have been identified in this process, and it is a matter of eliminating them as much as possible. To avoid these congestions, the project intends to use advanced technology, which enables an optimization of resources and the immediate management of receipt of receipts. There is a wide range of alerts broadcasting systems based on the possibilities of mobile telephony. The basic idea is to send a warning to mobile phones that are in an area determined by some risk or emergency.


SEGURPRO (Intelligent System for the Management and Prevention of Fraud in Statement of Motor Accidents) is a market oriented R&D project, which will prototype an integrated software solution, based on AI, focused on insurance companies to improve the management aspects in the fraud prevention.