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Why should you trust us?

Room33 was born in Spain in 2000 with the mission of developing effective and personalized business applications in the mobile environment.

We have a high degree of specialization and over fifteen years of experience offering advanced, efficient and stable IT solutions for many different sectors that enable us to be your best partner, backed by our certifications and customers.

Our ongoing research into technological innovation has enabled us to become a strategic partner in cybersecurity in our marketplace.

In our trajectory as developers and integrators in the mobile environment we have acquired a huge experience in the management and protection of personal data, which has led us directly to specialize in computer security environments.

  • Ability to understand the strategic needs of business managers and translate them into technology solutions.
  • Effective and Resolutive in the working relationship with our clients.
  • We create adaptive solutions on new technologies, regulations or needs.
  • Transparency, Confidentiality and Security.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation environment.

By experience. We have been in the market since the beginning, we have developed all kinds of actions and services for all types of customers: televisions, radios, newspapers, consumer brands, financial institutions, etc...

For knowledge. Because we have highly qualified staff in their positions. By technology. We are developers, we have new applications and develop according to the needs of each client. CERTIFIED BY IBM.

By service. We are a technology company with marketing vocation. We are part of the service definition process advising the best mechanics and application to achieve the desired objectives.

By function. By direct connection with the operators, with all types of services available: SMS Premiun, SMS Push, WAP, WAP Push, MMS, MMS Premium, Alerts, Wap Premium, etc...

For transparency. Because everything that happens is seen: All our clients have an administrator to see in real time every action that is taken, sms received, when, how, etc. ..

For adaptation. In such an agile sector adaptation is an essential requirement and room33 is prepared for it, allowing the redefinition and adaptation of projects in real time according to evolution.

For flexibility and speed. Can adapt any campaign in a very short time, and can adapt and modify any campaign in real time.

Because we want to grow with you