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Mobile World

Experts in Applications and Developments for Mobile Environment

We advise, define and develop all kinds of actions and services for any client and sector (television, radio, newspapers, consumer brands, financial institutions, health sector, education, government institutions ...).

We guarantee maximum flexibility in any platform (SMS Premiun, SMS Push, Wap, Wap Push, MMS, Premium MMS, alerts, Premium Wap, etc.).

The whole process is managed with absolute transparency, offering control and tracking tools in real time. We have a technological platform of its own, developed by Room33 from which you can build any solution.


Management and Communication Applications

Many organizations have begun to include applications in the mobile environment in their communication and interaction processes.

Drive communication processes in your organization with application inclusion of value added. Important, time-consuming automated tasks such as sending reminders, confirmation of appointments, etc. They are performed with complete precision in an easy and versatile way with the management applications.

Tracking operations, sending confirmations, codes, coupons, statements, awards, results, etc. They can be realized with simple and effective applications that contribute improvements and optimize their procedures.

Solution for Companies and Public Institutions

Public sectors and business environment can already benefit from our communication solution via mobile to enhance the communication, control and follow-up of negotiations between the public administration and citizenship.

Marketing and Advertising

"Room33 Mobile Marketing®" is the range of marketing services "one-to-one" based on mobile environment through SMS messages. Mobile marketing services are developed in any platform (SMS Premiun, SMS Push, Wap, Wap Push, MMS, MMS Premium, alerts, Wap Premium, etc.) and allow companies to perform specific and personalized actions in a minimum of time.

"Room33 Mobile Marketing®" offers complete solutions, with advice, technological platform, content and hosting facilities for operators, service providers and Internet access and other companies. The ability to implement changes or modifications in minutes is a great advantage, providing flexibility and ensuring the achievement of objectives.

We can develop direct marketing actions with an immediate delivery and response from the user. The efficacy, simplicity and low cost of these actions have to add the enormous advantage of the obtaining accurate and up-to-date databases of great commercial value. The response rates are higher than other means, by 11-30% . The cost of the service is can assume by the advertiser or be passed on to the end user or to a sponsor.

R.A.M.P. (Room33 Advanced Messaging Platform)
Our Technology Platform

R.A.M.P. is the solution for effective messaging and mobile content management between customers and end users. R.A.M.P. is an information routing application and a series of receiving, processing and delivery agents. Its primary function is bidirectional, rules-based communication between the mobile device user and the enterprise.

R.A.M.P. enables companies:

  • The creation of new applications.
  • Receiving and sending messages.
  • Integration with other management applications.

The RAMP platform has exceptional advantages by being flexible, scalable, robust, designed to support new standard and customizable.


Ofrece al Proveedor de Contenidos la capacidad de responder a las oportunidades de un mercado emergente de nuevos servicios o modelos de negocio.


Ensures effective management despite the size of the campaigns without making changes technological developments.


Designed to maintain the highest levels of quality of service and avoid losses from income.


Designed to support new messaging protocols such as EMS, MMS and J2ME.


Customization is built on user profiles and a database of preferences.

Professional Services

One of the pillars of business success is the commitment to innovation. research and technological development, which translates into products / services of higher added value. Room33 offers a broad portfolio of Professional Services to advise you on the creation and implementation of advanced mobile internet solutions.

As a leading company we can bring deep knowledge in mobile technology, combined with extensive practical experience, in the search for opportunities that take advantage of the advantages of the channel, using the right tools and maximizing the profitability of Mobile Internet.

Room33 offers services tailored, designed and implemented in close communication with the client. We have our own R&D&i department and we incorporate the most advanced ICT technology for the execution of our projects based on in process engineering and in the use of standard development and implementation methodologies.